New challenges and new moments in Investa Trust

The renewal of a brand that grows each day thanks to a strong and integrated team

It seems like yesterday that Investa Trust was conceived. From a set of ideas to become a Company in 2008. That year many important things happened: more than ever we witnessed the implications of a global world. With the falling of the Lehman Brothers a new global economic outlook appeared, while that same year in Beijing the Olympic Games were taking place giving China greater visibility and showing the world its power.

8 years have gone by, 8 years since Barack Obama was proclaimed the first Afro-American president of the United States; 8 years from the controversial issue on whether to use BlackBerry or iPhone; 8 years since Facebook was translated into Spanish and its consolidation in Latin-American and Spain; 8 years ago Twitter barely had 18 employees .

The same year Investa Trust was born, NASA celebrated its 50th anniversary and that December, the moon, Jupiter and Venus were visible from Earth; they say it will happen again in 2052; Investa Trust will be 44 years.

If we look back in time considering present day, we see how much we have evolved and grown as a company and as a team. How important it has been to make decisions together and the value of team work. We discovered, almost by chance els Castellers and it´s resemblance to what drives Investa Trust, a reflection of us where  the meaning, self improvement, challenge, trust and common goals are the main pillars given to the collas castelleras and that we share today at Investa Trust.

Today and looking to the future, Investa Trust is a strong and renovated company. In this global world we now launch an updated and refreshed website were the pillars of our company are present, were we recall 2008 with much affection and for this reason  we will preserve the essence of our logo, but at the same time, we take on new territory establishing our presence in the social networks.

Investa Trust has risen as an els castell of a colla castellera, forming a strong base and little by little escalating to the top to remain there. Today we have several offices around the world, as we aim to be truly global.

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