Main tax benefits of Malta

The European Island of Malta offers the following benefits to take into account when addressing an estate planning engagement:

  • Malta is a Member State of the European Union: is member of the block since 2004, of the Eurozone since 2008 and of the Schengen Area since 2007.
  • It has double taxation Agreements with 59 countries that are in full force, among them with Spain, Uruguay, United States, Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Isle of Man.
  • It is a jurisdiction with a favorable tax regime that excels for the return of taxes, since it combines a full imputation system, where taxes over benefits paid by the company distributing dividends are placed as tax credits in favor of shareholders and there is no double taxation over the same income (over the company and the partner).
  • Malta complies with the fixed standards at a regional and international level in tax information exchange and tax matters. In this sense, Malta is located within the block of countries that will begin their first tax information exchange according to the rules of the Multilateral Convention on Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters in 2017.
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