Uruguay: Towards the automatic information exchange

Uruguay: Towards the automatic information exchange

In June 2014, the OCED (Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development) approved the text of the rules known as Common Reporting Standard that imply the existence of a global standard for automatic exchange of information.

After said approval, several countries had an early implementation, while another 96 countries, at the request of the Global Forum of the OCED on the Transparency and Information Exchange, undertook to implement the CRS in 2017 and 2018.

Uruguay is within the 41 States that assumed its adhesion to the automatic information exchange adopted by the OCED, which committed to start initially in 2017, but then moved in forward to 2018.

Once again this confirms that Uruguay has continued in line with the world trend of automatic information exchange, leaving behind the opacity it was once perceived to have in these matters and complying this way with the parameters defined by the OCDE.

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