Our mission as a company is to give advice on wealth planning and asset protection using companies, trusts, private foundations, investment funds or other vehicles. We have are own offices and also work with strategic alliances that allow us to deliver to those who search for our solutions and services.

At Investa Trust we have a specialized team in each of the areas we focus on. We are a client oriented company, that offers professionalism, integrity, discretion, loyalty, passion and dedication.

We offer tailor made plans, flexibility and always have a solution that is delivered on-time. These are the cornerstones that build our clients’ peace of mind and purpose of our existence.


Our common goal is to be recognized for our quality and excellence in the delivery of trust services, corporate secretarial services, investment funds administration, as well as wealth structuring and asset protection.



We value the word commitment; we stand out for our delivery of the needs and requests of our clients and collaborators, working in an effective, efficient and professional manner.


Within a dynamic international regulatory environment, we are trained to face the needs of our clients. We adapt ourselves to changes in a responsive manner, converting the unknown into a challenging new horizon to discover.


We stand out for our collective capability and goal for continued growth that allows us to be better people and professionals each day, working with perseverance to accomplish organizational objectives.


We work in synchrony and focused on a sole objective, allowing for constant growth, through continuous feedback and cooperation.

To be the best, we work like the best

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