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Private Foundations

Private Foundations (PF) offer similar advantages to those of Trusts, the difference is that private foundations are regulated by the civil law and are a legal entity. In a PF, the founder or third party transfer their assets in favor of the entity, designating beneficiaries of the Foundation’s assets.

These kinds of entities are mainly used for estate planning, asset protection and/or charity.

Investment Funds

We provide services related to Investment Funds, from their formation to their administration. Investa is a one stop shop offering the the following services:

  • Formation, establishment and license
  • Administration (Net Asset Value -NAV- calculation, preparation of Financial Statements, portfolio assessment, coordination with audits, etc)
  • Registration and Transfers Agent (keeping partners record, books, subscription, issuance, transfer and share redemption, NAV calculation per share, etc.)
  • Custodian Fund of Funds
  • Compliance of money laundering and terrorism financing policies
  • Due diligence and client knowledge procedures
  • Registration at Stock Exchanges


We provide migration services be it for one member of the family or for the whole family. A change in residency can be for a limited time or on a permanent basis.

  • Migration services for a limited time or for a permanent basis
  • Professional assessment based on the personal objectives of our clients
  • Management services for residency, citizenship, special permits and other requests in the desired jurisdiction

Planning – Wealth Structuring

Wealth planning and structuring – is fundamental at all levels, from a personal and  business point of view taking into account international assets.

Our knowledge and experience will allow us to identify your needs correctly and thus determine the right strategy in order to achieve your wealth planning and protection objectives.

Incorporation and Management of Companies

We offer incorporation and administration services in many jurisdictions that from a legal point of view are appropriate for our clients and their objectives.

The understanding of their needs, our professional team, the strategic location of our offices and our proximity to our advisors gives us the opportunity to take advantage of each jurisdiction and offer tailor-made solutions.


Based on common law as opposed to civil law, this vehicle offers flexibility and adaptability to cater for diverse scenarios for example:

  • Estate planning
  • Asset protection
  • Implementation of complex investment structures
  • Custody for deposit of goods in commercial transactions
  • Charity, among others

Data Protection

It is fundamental to invest in data protection, resulting in an indispensable element to assure the confidentiality, continuity and success of a business, as well as the protection of its assets.

We work for your peace of mind

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